Access Platforms

Hiatco has developed a complete range of power transmission line access and maintenance platforms for overhead pylons to carry out inspection and repair work. Our range has been developed in conjunction with the power industry to enable all aspects of access and maintenance to be carried out in a safe manner. The range of platforms covers up to 21m long with some longer platforms incorporating telescoping end sections.

The main features of the platform are:

  • 1 no. Standard 6m centre section.
  • 2 no. 4m mid sections (for 21m platform, length varies with the length of the platform)
  • 2 no. 4.2m telescopic end sections (for 19m & 21m platforms)
  • All box sections and plates of the platform shall be from structural aluminium 6082T6.
  • Hiatco specially extruded aluminium non-slip flooring.
  • Hiatco specially extruded aluminium toeboard.
  • Fall arrest support brackets and safety wire.
  • Non-slip tread plate on steps.
  • All Lynch pins c/w trace wires are supplied with the platform.
  • All manufactured steel components shall be grade 43 steel.
  • All fasteners shall be grade 8.8 and zinc plated as standard.
  • All material certifications are supplied with the equipment.
  • Platform load test certificate is provided with the delivery.
  • Safe working load for the platform is 450kg.
  • Proof load applied is 675kg.
  • Fully retracted length, approx. 14.80m (21m platform)
  • Fully extended length, approx. 20.30m (21m platform)