Spacer Chair

The standard spacer chair frame is manufactured from lightweight aluminium alloy 6082T6 using standard box and circular sections as well as non-slip flooring. Two sets of netting are provided, one at each end of the chair.

The standard spacer chair generally comprises of the following features:

  • 1 no. aluminium cage.
  • 4 no. rectangular box section support arms c/w aluminium wheels.
  • 4 no. drum brakes on aluminium wheels.
  • 1 no. hand brake lever handle c/w cables.
  • 2 no. safety wire over front and rear wheels.
  • 4 no. harness anchor points, one at each corner.
  • All round toe board.
  • 4 no. floor level lifting points for rescue purposes.
  • 4 no. netting fixed mounting posts and brackets, one pair at each end.
  • 4 no. loose netting fed through posts (approx. 1m long).
  • 2 no. nettings to be used at any end.
  • Test certificate is provided with delivery.
  • Safe Working Load for the Chair is one operator or 250kg.
  • Proof load applied is 375kg.