Product Showcase

Power Spacer Chair

"The UK’s number one powered spacer chair for OHL maintenance"

Key Features:

  • SWL: 250KG
  • Proof Load: 325KG
  • Chair Weight: Approx. 100KG
  • Average Battery Running
  • Time: 13-16 average spans
  • Capable of operating in twin and triple conductor line configurations

Other Features:

  • Full aluminium frame made from 6082 T6 aluminium
  • 2x Idle wheels with drum brakes and steel insert to reduce wear and tear with seal-for-life bearings
  • 2x Drive wheels with seal-for-life bearings and couplings to engage/disengage drive wheels
  • 2x 24v DC motors
  • Safety wire ropes between support arms
  • Floor mounted secure storage box containing control system, battery charge indicator, isolator switch and main battery box
  • Side mounted control panel with controls for Ready/Reset, Forward Motion, Reverse Motion and Emergency Stop
  • Side-mounted handbrake with limit switch
  • 24v Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Corner harness anchor points
  • 360° toe-board

Also Supplied With:

  • 360° all-round catch nets
  • 4-leg cruciform webbing sling
  • Jump-kit system
  • Removable lifting frame
  • 24v Battery Charger


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